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Searching for top-notch gutter cleaning services in the Alexandria, Virginia area? Your quest ends at Blue Ridge! With nearly 40 years of dedicated service, we’ve been keeping the gutters of Alexandria and Old Town in impeccable condition. Choosing Blue Ridge means choosing a hassle-free experience, ensuring your gutters are clean and functional all year round without you having to lift a finger or juggle multiple service providers.

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

Debris Removal

Lawn Care Company in Alexandria, VA

Premium lawn mowing and maintenance services to keep your lawn healthy and fresh all season in Alexandria, Virginia.

Gutter Washing

Fertilization and Weed Control Company in Alexandria, VA
  Gutter Washing clears hard to remove debris and boost overall curb appeal with safe high-pressure systems and cleaners

Downspout Flushing

Professional from Blue Ridge Lawn Care Services safely cleaning gutters while on a ladder, providing expert downspout gutter cleaning services in the Alexandria area.
Downspout Flushing clears all obstruction in the gutter system. Allows water to freely flow ensuring maximum efficiency.

Our Complete Gutter Care Program

Not all Gutter Cleaning programs are created equally. With most programs, you might typically just see debris removal plans. While we do offer these as a stand-alone service, we provide gutter cleaning services throughout the entire season in Alexandria, VA.

That includes everything from monthly & bi-monthly gutter cleaning. In this service we offer Debris Removal, Gutter Washing, and Downspout Flushing leaving your gutters spick and span for all weather conditions.

Listed Services

Remove Debris – Prevents Water Damage and Overflowing

Gutter Washing – Making gutters look like new

Downspout Cleaning – Have gutters perform at maximum efficiency


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