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When we say we offer irrigation services to the Alexandria area, we’re not just referencing sprinkler systems — although we do specialize in automatic sprinkler system installation and maintenance.

Our irrigation and drainage services also include anything to move water on your landscape either to specific areas or away.

Based on the design and location of some landscapes, lawns might either need more water in certain areas or less water in other areas.

That’s why we provide services like sprinkler systems for lawns that need more water as well as drainage services for lawns that receive and store too much of it.

Irrigation Services in Alexandria, VA

Our Landscaping Services

Sprinkler Installation & Maintenance

Sprinkler Services in Alexandria, VA

Automatic sprinkler system installations or maintenance of existing ones.

French Drains

French Drainage Services in Alexandria, VA

Drainage for your lawn to divert pooling water away from your lawn.

Channel Drains

Drainage Services in Alexandria, VA

Drainage systems for pavement and concrete structures to prevent pooling and seepage.

Buried Downspouts

Buried Downspout Services in Alexandria, VA

Direct water from your gutters directly underground, around your home, and away from your foundation.

Inlet Boxes & Catch Basins

Irrigation Services in Alexandria, VA

Deposit excess water from gutters into a catch basin versus on top of the lawn.

Dry Rock Beds

Dry Rock Bed Installation in Alexandria, VA

Create an aesthetic landscape feature that functions as a water diverter with dry rock beds.

Keeping Your Lawn & Landscape Flood-Free

Without proper water or drainage, the perfect lawn care plan will never work. Your lawn needs water but not too much of it. With automatic sprinkler systems, you can automatically control the amount your lawn gets watered without overwatering.

Utilizing landscape drainage solutions, you can prevent water from storms and light flooding from pooling up in your lawn and damaging your grass. Additionally, flooding in your lawn can also lead to foundation damage and flooding in your own home. Making sure you have a flood-free landscape in the Alexandria area should be a top-of-mind priority for homeowners.

Irrigation Services in Alexandria, VA

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